Self-Host Gitea on a Raspberry Pi

Command list: Download and run the docker installation script: Add the current user to the “docker” group to enable commands to be run without sudo. Replace “pi” with your username if it differs. Lot out and back in to apply changes. Check that docker and docker compose have been installed: Create a “docker-compose.yml” file somewhere… Continue reading Self-Host Gitea on a Raspberry Pi

FreeRTOS on RP2040 Boards (Pi Pico etc) using VSCode

Introduction This is a basic tutorial which will show you how to set up the VSCode environment to be able to compile, link and use FreeRTOS in your RP2040 based projects. This tutorial won’t go too much into the weeds about how FreeRTOS works, that is for our next tutorial. However, in this tutorial we… Continue reading FreeRTOS on RP2040 Boards (Pi Pico etc) using VSCode

Headless Raspberry Pi Setup

What is headless mode? Well the easiest way to describe it is simply by imagining using your Raspberry Pi with nothing connected, no keyboard, mouse or monitor, only power is required. We can still control the Raspberry Pi over a network connection and SSH so this solution is perfect for a minimal Raspberry Pi Setup.… Continue reading Headless Raspberry Pi Setup