SparkFun’s New Breakout Board Brings 60GHz Pulsed Radar To The Raspberry Pi

SparkFun’s new $60 breakout board brings accurate distance-sensing to the Raspberry Pi.

A111 Breakout Board is available for $59.95 from SparkFun.

SparkFun A111 Pulsed Radar breakout board features the A111 radar chip, with integrated antenna. SparkFun state the primary use case of the pulsed coherent radar (PCR) is distance sensing. However, the board also supports applications such as gesture, motion, material, and speed-detection at distances of up to two meters.

The A111 Pulsed Radar breakout board uses a 26 pin (13×2) header that SparkFun Say “should be compatible with any Pi” – we will wait and see!

Keep an eye out on our reviews page – we may take a look at this board in the future!

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