M5Stamp C3 Released Featuring 32-Bit RISK-V ESP-32C3 MCU

M5Stack’s new development board, the M5Stamp, uses an ESP-32C3 MCU. The ESP-32C3 is a RISK-5 based microcontroller with Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 5 LE connectivity. The onboard RSA-3072-based secure boot and the AES-128-XTS-based flash encryption ensure that devices are connected securely. The ESP32-C3 is supported through Espressif’s open-source ESP-IDF SDK. The M5 Stamp C3 comes… Continue reading M5Stamp C3 Released Featuring 32-Bit RISK-V ESP-32C3 MCU

STM32F4 Discovery Overview

The STM32F4-Discovery is an embedded system development kit which aims to provide a prototyping environment for users getting started with the STM32F4 family of microcontrollers. The kit focuses on the STM32F407VG microcontroller and provides all the necessary programming and debug controllers to enable begin developing embedded systems with just one PCB. There are multiple input… Continue reading STM32F4 Discovery Overview