Waveshare Electronics releases 3 RP2040 New Boards

Today, Waveshare Electronics released three RP2040 based boards:

  • RP2040-Zero @ $4.99
  • RP2040-Plus @ $7.99
  • RP2040-LCD-0.96 @ $12.99

These boards are available for sale on Waveshare’s website – we are yet to see them in any other retailer.


The RP2040-Zero board is a tiny stamp sized board which is just like the Tiny 2040 board from Pimoroni. It features 2MB of on-board Flash memory and a USB-C connector. The dimensions of this board are shown below:

RP2040-Zero dimensions.


This board is a Pico form factor board with added LiPo battery charging functionality and with a USB-C connector and 4MB of on board flash. It uses an ETA6096 batter charging manager with a molex 1.25 battery connector. This board should be compatible with any Raspberry Pi Pico carrier boards or other accessories due to its similar pin-out.

WaveShare’s RP2040-Plus Board


Perhaps the most interesting board of this collection, this Pico sized board has an onboard 0.96inch 160×80 pixels 65K IPS LCD display. Unfortunately this board only features 2MB of flash but keeps the USB-C connector thankfully.

WaveShare’s RP2040-LCD-0.96


We have ordered units of each of the three boards released today. Once we get our hands on them we will put them through our review process and let you all know what we think of them!

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