Round LCD Board based on RP2040/ESP-12E is now crowdfunding

The RoundyPi and RoundyFi are RP2040 and ESP-12E powered boards that feature a circular colour LCD. These boards are now crowdfunding! SB Components LTD is the company behind this new board.

RP2040 version of the Roundy (RoundyPi) featuring a 240×240 colour LCD panel and a micro-SD card slot on the rear


MCURP2040ESP-12E (ESP8266)
Display1.28 inch, 240×240 65k colours and GC9A01 SPI display driver 1.28 inch, 240×240 65k colours and GC9A01 SPI display driver
WiFiNoIEEE802.11 b/g/n
Micro SD slotYesNo
Ports1x Micro USB, 6-pin header with 4x GPIO, 3.3V and GND1x Micro USB (including CP2102 USB to TTL chip), 6-pin header with 4x GPIO, 3.3V and GND
Button1x Flash/Boot1x Flash/Boot
Power Inputs5V via micro USB, 3.3V via header pin5V via micro USB, 3.3V via header pin
DimensionsDisplay: 32.4mm diameterDisplay: 32.4mm diameter

Software Support?

There are many very nice photos of the uses of the RoundyPi however there is no mention of any software support planned for these boards. We hope to see some in the future to help people use their RoundyPi’s as using a display is not the always the most simple task for beginner makers.


The kickstarter discounts for the boards bring the cost to $28 for RoundyPi and $34 for RoundyFi. Retail price is expected to be £35 ($48) and 45GBP ($54).

Potential Kickstarter Issues?

SB Components Ltd is currently running at least four different kickstarters that have not yet been fulfilled.

These projects are created by 4 different accounts all appearing to be variations of employees of SB Components Ltd. This is clearly to skirt Kickstarter’s rules on running multiple projects. We hope that this does not affect backers in any way.

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