Bulk RP2040 chips now available direct from Raspberry Pi

Almost a year has passed since the Raspberry Pi Pico, and the RP2040, was released and the RP2040 has only been available from resellers thus far. However, Raspberry Pi is launching a new service, Raspberry Pi Direct. This is for direct-to-business sales only and RP2040 chips will still be available from resellers.

The direct pricing offered is as follows:

  • Reels of 500 RP2040 chips, with a unit price of $0.80 ($400)
  • Reels of 3,400 RP2040 chips, with a unit price of $0.70 ($2380)

Note that taxes, import duty and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

Raspberry Pi also had the following to say about RP2040 availability:

RP2040 is built on a more modern semiconductor process (TSMC 40LP) than most other microcontrollers. As a result, it makes extremely efficient use of scarce silicon wafer supply: each die occupies just 2mm2, and each 300mm wafer yields roughly 21,000 dice. We have sufficient wafer stock on hand to produce 20 million chips, with more on the way.

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